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Artist Statement

My desire is to create work that gives visual context to perception. A piece of our human experience is the ability to create context and correlations between two dissimilar ideas. In particular, my current body of work explores the commonalities identity and relationship have with flora. I have particularly been drawn to the camellia rose, my accidental namesake. 

So much of our history has been spent attempting to capture and make something fleeting permanent. Life, in all its forms, is transient. Paintings, handwritten notes, photographs, videos were created to document the idea that our lives are important, if only to one observer. The key player in this process is perception. Where one person may see something meaningless and mundane, another may see a cherished and beloved memory--precisely recalling how that moment made them feel. So, taking a cue from surrealist and magical realism artists, I explore  ideas such as love, beauty, strength, and existence itself using personal symbols. 

Flowers, in particular, have a similar quality in their necessity to life, beauty, and transience while maintaining a relationship to every other living thing in some capacity. The symbolic meaning given to individual species and colors assists in building the narrative each painting conveys. My work will continue to explore perception, identity, and sentience in a historical context. Hopefully, my contribution can start an internal conversation that allows one to confront these themes in his or her own life.

Exhibition & Showings

February 2022 | The Perfect Release, Carnegie Library, Solo Exhibition

November 2013 and 2015 | Synthesis: Art by Camyljah, Darton State College

June 2016 | Southwest Georgia, Thronateeska Heritage Center, 1st Place

July 2016 | Winner’s Circle Exhibition, Carnegie Library 

March 2016 | Albany Dougherty Historic Preservation Commission Art Exhibit, Carnegie Library, 2nd Place

November 2015 | 12th Annual South Georgia College Art Competition

February 2016 | When Sistahs GatherArt Exhibition

August 2016 | Albany State University Student Exhibition


Associates of Arts: Art and Dance | Darton State College—Albany, GA

Bachelors of Arts: Fine Arts, graduate | Albany State University—Albany, GA

Selected Work


"Introspection of a Black Rose"



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