Well Hey There…

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Camyljah Rose, a gardener, painter, mom (of kids, cats, crops)…..and goodness so many other things. I’ve been growing for a few years, but after news of COVID19 broke in Atlanta, GA, we ramped our efforts up to ensure we could support the family on our garden if necessary. (Of course the incessant boredom of lockdown had something to do with it too.) 

In my previous life I was a full time art teacher, but I soon learned to resent the limitations of the public school system placed on life with my children. As a single parent, I needed the freedom and time to give my children the nurture I was giving to my students. After COVID, I am homeschooling my daughters to give them the care and attention they deserve.

Our ultimate goal is to grow into a small farm giving our family room and resources to grow freely and happily. If my goal is aligned with your vision of the world, self sustained communities living and growing with intention, consider becoming a patron. Our support tiers start at only $1 with amazing gifts commiserate with the patronage level.

Bloom fiercely and keep your face to the sun!

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